Friday, October 20, 2017


The intent of the rules is to protect the cottages, the property, public health and the general peace and quiet of the place so that everyone can enjoy their vacation. This is a business that operates on a certain amount of mutual trust. All the rules are in place as a result of an incident or a complaint from someone. Most of you will find these rules practical sense and common courtesy - please read them anyway so we all know where we stand.

Cooking, The use of food or spices that leave a lasting odor are prohibited ( example : curry, some fish, etc. ) If the smell doesn't dissipate quickly then don't use it ( also the use of chemicals. )

Personal Water Craft (i.e.. Jet skis, Seadoos etc.) Before bringing a personal water craft to Bayview you must discuss it with us first so we are sure that the safety and noise factors are looked after. We must know who is using them.  Some folks do use them responsibly but, mostly they are just a nuisance (visually, audibly and safety-wise) and they are a HUGE source of pollution.

Return renters please remember if you give up your week or weeks, that the person who replaces you will have first choice of that week next year! (unless otherwise arranged, management reserves the right to change this rule at any time, if we feel it absolutely necessary)

Maximum occupancy in a cottage is based on how many people the septic bed can handle. Camping is not permitted. Please don’t invite extra guests along expecting that they can camp outside your cottage. There is a separate septic system for each cottage and they are small. In other words if we say a cottage will sleep 4-6 people don’t come with a party of 10. Guests are the responsibility of the original renter. There is an extra charge of $10 per guest at the discretion of management. ($5 for children) Your guests must now sign a guest agreement. This will be present in your cottage.

Subletting your cottage or part of your week is not permitted.

Parking is permitted in specific places. We have septic systems , underground wires and water lines we do not want damaged. Please restrict all vehicles to the road or allotted parking spots. Vehicles are not to be driven across the property without permission. Please do not park near the beach as it is easy to get stuck. Should you or your visitors get stuck we will help you as much as possible, if you require being towed out it will be at your expense.

Open Fires are permitted only in designated fire pits out on the point. Firewood is supplied as long as it lasts. Tree cutting on the property is a big NO. Periodically a fire ban is put in place by the Township and/or the MNR. If/when a fire ban is invoked, we will let you know and restrict campfires on the property.

Garbage/Recycling: Parry Sound has an excellent recycling program-as a result you should have very little garbage. Please recycle cans, bottles and plastics all together and paper/cardboard, together, bins for these items are beside the garbage dumpsters. (Please clean foodstuff off before recycling to reduce attracting animals)

Your pets are welcome-but remember they are your pets, not everyone likes them.

  • They must be under control at all times (i.e.: leash or chain)
  • No pets on the beach or in the water at the beach (there is lots of room for them to swim from the rocks)
  • Dogs barking at length will not be tolerated
  • Please clean up after your pet (stoop and scoop)
  • There are thick blue blankets in each cottage, please use those for your pet to lay on rather than the other blankets or the furniture.
  • If you have visitors please ask them to leave their pets at home and if that is not possible they are to be leashed at all times and they are not allowed on the beach area at all. Please remind them they are responsible to stoop and scoop.

We do not rent (or loan) canoes, kayaks or boats. If asked, we can suggest a very good outfitter or marine. Also, we don’t have docking facilities but there are a couple of places to set an anchor or up on shore . If you have a boat you plan to bring, please discuss with Roly the best place to put it while you are with us.

Please don’t use soap in the Bay  even biodegradable stuff for a couple of reasons, it is the water we are using in the cottages and it doesn’t look nice to have the suds washing in.

Please don’t remove materials from the property. Whether We put them there or Mother Nature put them there, they belong there and we expect them to stay there. Taking without permission is theft.

Saturday is change over day as well as clean up day for the resort so you will have to put up with extra noise as a result. We try to keep our noise down as much as possible however sometimes repairs and renovations prevent that, sorry!

Please keep the noise to a dull roar, everybody has a different idea of the perfect vacation and our aim is to let everybody achieve that for themselves, common courtesy is ALWAYS the rule!

This is a family Resort.

Emergency phone numbers:

If you have a problem please call the following phone numbers in the order that they appear.

Roly & Sue 1-705-746-2376                 Home

Roly 1-705-790-4999                             Cell

Sue 1-705-794-4999                               Cell

Mike & Marnie 1-705-746-8149          Home

Thank You! Roly & Sue