Friday, October 20, 2017

Rental Agreement

For the original renters

Please Sign and Return


I acknowledge that I am responsible for the property the cottage, its contents and anything that I may use that belongs to Bayview Cottages.

I also acknowledge that I am responsible for all my guests (and getting them to sign the guest agreement) my children ,PETS, and their responsibility to follow the rules.

I am aware that I have been advised NOT to drink the water. The water is treated with U.V. and filtered to 5 microns and in the past 3 years to date we have NOT had a bad water sample, but due to Government regulations we must advise you and you must advise your guests Not to drink it.

I am aware of the dangers of Georgian Bay, Cottage life, Camp fires and the outdoor activities. I / We don’t hold the owners or management responsible for accidental injury or even death while renting or visiting Bayview Cottages.

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