Friday, October 20, 2017

Guest Agreement

Q : What is a guest?

A: When you confirm your registration let us know the number of people that are coming, Anyone else is a guest. A guest is anyone who enjoys use of the property for longer than two hours. Please let us know if you are expecting guests as a guest agreement has to be signed. Please do not ask people to just drop in as they might all show up at once or you might not be there. If you have guests you must be there when they are.

All Guests coming and going from Bayview Cottages must leave their name and telephone number.

This is also required due to the new water regulations , if we have a bad water sample we must be able to contact every person who has been on the property!!

When the number of people in the cottages exceeds the number we say that it can sleep then the following fee will be charged.

The fee for guests is as follows Adult $10.00 and children $5.00 per day.

Leave the money with the original renters as they are responsible for you. Hopefully they will turn it in to us on Friday when we return.

This is not an overnight charge! We don’t want more people sleeping in the cottage than we have indicated. ( or previously discussed )

We also don’t want anyone driving after they have had too much to drink either so we will make a one time exemption in that case, the overnight fee will apply in that case.

The maximum number for any cottage is 5 to 6 people. A general rule of thumb is one immediate family per cottage.( 2 adults and their children.) Obviously there is some flexibility there as long as the number is reasonable (ie: 4 adults no children, 3 adults & 1 child ). 2 families and their children will not be allowed as it is too much stress on the septic system and general maintenance costs. Please discuss with us if you have any concerns or questions.

Dear Guest

As a guest at Bayview Cottages I am aware of the rules, rates, and responsibilities. I am also aware of the dangers of being around water and camp fires etc. and do not hold the owners or management responsible for accidental injury or even death.


Name: _________________Name:_________________

Phone # ________________  Phone#________________ 

Amt Due: ______________ Amt Due: ________________

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